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Abbas Kiarostami, documentary tips on making movies and his experience in cinema

Abbas Kiarostami has worked in many areas, such as advertising, illustrator, designer, and painter. He is an Iranian film producer, director, photographer, and screenwriter. Kiarostami got his break when he created his first movie "The Bread and Alley" which was a twelve minute film. In 1970, "The Bread and Alley" was developed into a short film that was about a schoolboy's conflict with dogs. "The Bread and Alley" became his first cinema movie and was one of his most challenging films. Kiarostami worked with several people on the film, such as a dog, young child, and a non experience crew.

In 1968, Kiarostami was focused on helping organizations to enhance and improve their school as a whole. He assists with creating and developing a film department at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults which is located in Tehran. The film department at the Institute for Intelluctual Development of Children and Young Adults has become one of the most credible film schools in Iran. The department produces Persian films and Kiarostami films, such as "The Little Stranger" and "The Runner". In 1999, Kiarostami was voted the most influential and powerful film director of the 1990s era. The votes speak for itself from the critics and public. 

In 1972, Kiarostami created a movie called the "Breaktime". In 1980's, he directed many films which were "The Chorus", "Fellow Citizen", "Orderly or Disorderly", "Toothache". Kiarostami directed a few short movies which is known as "Two Solutions for One Problem" and "So Can I" in 1975. In 1975, he came out with "Colors" and his first feature film was 112 minutes long which are known as "Report"(1977). 

In 1990, he created his first movie of the 90's era which is known as "Close Up". Kiarostami has won many awards such as Francois Truffaut(1993), Pier Paolo Pasolini(1995), Palme d'Or Award(1997), Silver Lion(1999), Akira Kurosawas Award in 2000, Camera d'Or Award(2005) to name a few. Kiarostami has received and earned seventy awards or more up to the year 2000. In 2001, he directed a documentary film based on less privilege children and programs that help Ugandan orphans.

In 2004, Kiarostami produced a documentary that gives people techniques to making a movie. He produced the motion picture "10 on Ten" which Kiarostami provides several lessons on movie making. Kiarostami directed the movie "The Roads of Kiarostami" which was a documentary film based on the significance of landscape and photographs with poetic elements. "The Roads of Kiarostami" was developed in 2005 and 2006 which was a 32 minute film.

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Abbas Kiarostami

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