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The American Film Institute focuses on educating and sharing knowledge about film to individuals around the world. Also, the institute maintains the history of motion picture and recognizes artists and their work. It is a non-profit organization. AFI offers leadership in television, film, and digital media and is committed to ideas that entail the past, present, and future of moving image arts.

The Institute focuses steady on three elements, which are preserve, honor, and educate. AFI protects the history of the America's film heritage by maintaining it in the AFI archive. The AFI Archive contains footage of history from the AFI Catalog of Feature Films, moving image, and the record of American films that goes back to 1893 to today. This non-profit organization expects to maintain and preserve the history of film for many years to come.

The AFI honors artists and their work by providing special events and programs that consist of the AFI Awards and AFI Life Achievement Award. The non-profit organization has 100 years, 100 movies, television events and movie lists, which have be bought to individuals around the world. AFI have exposed classic American movies to film devotees worldwide. AFI has provided several events, such as AFI Docs and AFI Fest which was both presented by Audi.

The Institute also focuses on educating the next generation and future film devotees. AFI share knowledge with storytellers at the AFI Conservatory. The AFI Conservatory has been established and recognized as one of the most prestigious film schools worldwide. It present students with a two-year program in Master of Fine Arts degree, which consists of many categories, such as Directing, Editing, Screenwriting, Producing, and many more. It is located at the AFI Silver Theatre in Washington, D.C. 

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