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Beijing Film Academy was originally named Performance Art Institution of the Film Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, which was developed in 1950. The Institution opened its doors to the public and enrolled 38 students in the first year. In 1951, the Institution was renamed the Film School of the Film Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, then in 1953 Beijing Film School, and lastly in 1956 BFA. BFA is known in Beijing, China to be a coeducational state-run higher education school.

When the Academy was first created it consisted of 2 schools, the School of Photography, secondly the Animation School, and the Screenwriting Department was developed at the academy in 1951. In 1950, BFA provided students an undergraduate course in performing arts. In 1952, BFA provided students with its first sound recording program. During 1956, the school was a success; therefore it established the Performance Institute. In 1955, BFA provided student with a two-year course in film and television production management. The first graduating class of film and television production management was 28 students.

During the Cultural Revolution many faculty members were affected, therefore he/she decided to leave the academy. In 1977, the academy overcame adversity from the Cultural Revolution, therefore in 1978 the BFA started to accept new applicants. BFA provide students the opportunity to obtain an associate, bachelor, and master's degrees in several areas of film. The academy presents courses in film theory, film directing, script writing, film and television production, film and television art design, film acting, entertainment management, animations, advertisements, sound art, and cinematography. Admission to BFA is very competitive with over 100,000 applicants, but the academy only accepts 400-500 students per year. BFA is expected to perform its first undergraduate film production program in English, which will be performed by the Cinematography department.

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