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Colorado Film School behind the scenes
Colorado Film School behind the scenes
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The Colorado Film School was developed with Lahey allocating as the director of the joint program and curriculum architect. Students that has graduated from the program is working in a professional setting located areas, such as New York, Los Angeles, Denver, and worldwide. After renovation of CFS, a custom studio space was created which consist of soundproof walls, customized editing labs, and electrical power. In 2006, an amazing broadcast production building became available to current students that attended the university.

CFS is located in Denver, Colorado and is known by the International Cinematographers Guild Magazine. According, to a Hollywood Reporter, the University is one of the top 25 film schools worldwide. CFS offers students opportunities such as, a one year Advanced Immersion and a range of other Certificates, which is created in a professional training environment. 

The University has developed the degree programs to award AAS degrees with an emphasis on variety of areas, such as Writing for the Screen, Writing and Directing, Acting for the Screen, Writing and Producing, Cinematography, and Post Production. There is a range of employment opportunities, such as directing, production management, camera, production design, lighting, audio post for film and video, animation, editing, integration, producing, writing, and audio for film and video. CFS also offers students business management opportunities in the network, cable, and film industries. Graduates can find career opportunities locally, nationwide, or worldwide.

The CFS has a facility that is 25,000 square foot and another studio which is a 4,000 square foot sound stage. The sound stage includes 3 Thompson BTS digital cameras with Canon studio lenses, Vinten MK V heads with tern type pedestals, and Teleprompters. A $300,000 Desisti lighting grid which is managed by an Insight Lighting Board covers the entire stage.

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