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Community-College-Air-Force? Community-College-Air-Force is located in Montgomery, Alabama and is the largest film school in Alabama. On average, there are about 35 students that graduate from the film schools located in Alabama. The state of Alabama offers college seekers 3 film schools to choose from. College seekers should expect to pay at least $14,798 annually. On December 12, 1980, the Commission on Colleges accredited the CCAF. 

Film professionals in Alabama are expected to make $26,800 to over $60,100 annually. The median salary for this field of interest is $35,580 annually. Most film graduates decided to work in the industry as film professionals. As college seekers you can pursue a film degree in Alabama, earn an associates or bachelor's degree in film. You can also take film courses, classes, and receive the training you need to further your career.

In 1970's, Community-College-Air-Force begin to provide student with associate degrees because prior to 1970 the University only provided students with certificates. The Congress begin to consider granting the Air Force authority for college. On July 14, 1976, the President Gerald R. Ford passed Public Law, which approved the associate degree. The entire University have over 351,715 student. The CCAF currently provide students with 67 degree programs. The University currently is open to airmen, but Sestak(Congressman) looks forward to opening admission to all branches.

Would you like to attend an affordable school? Would you like to be a part of history by attending the largest film school in Alabama? Would you like to know more on film schools in Alabama? Would you like to have the opportunity to enhance your abilities and skills? Are you willing to share your knowlegde and experiences with other students? Are you in the Airforce, but would like to pursue a career in film?

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