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Directing Actresses The Dark Knight Rises

Directing Actresses? Are you a woman or man who dreams of filming actresses? Do you think people underestimate female directors or directors period?

Do you believe you have what it takes to be a successful movie director? Are you willing to put your previous knowledge or skills into hands on experience? 

Do you want to gain a name for yourself in the film industry? Would you like to direct actresses in several movies, such as scary, comedy, and love scenes? 

After 1660, women became popular and visible on stage in England. Females performers were initially called actor or actress because it was common to use the two interchangeably.

Of course, later the French took the word actrice and made actress the standard name.

Women roles were performed as a boy or youth, but not as a female performer. 

In the past, men were the only individuals who could become actors in some societies. In the medieval world or Greece and Rome, it was dishonorable for a female to go on stage.

This principle continued until the 17th century and later Venice changed the belief. During the William Shakespeare time, women's roles were normally played by men or young boys.

Directing Actresses Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas

According to OED, the first occurrence of the expression actress was in the 1700's. In Japan, men (onnagata) would perform as female performers in kabuki theatre when women were prohibited from performing on stage throughout the Edo period.

This principle still continues to this day. Women play all the roles in some forms of Chinese drama.

In major acting awards, actress is the general term used for female performers. Here are some of the notorious female actresses, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Meryl StreepJessica Alba to name a few.

These are actresses who have worked their way to the top with dedication and hard work.So, if you know you have the desire and perseverance then you too can make it in the film industry.

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Directing Actresses

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