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Florida State University, of Motion Picture Arts has won several Student Oscar Awards.

Florida State University Film Schools is also known as the college motion picture arts. The college gives students the opportunity for career-centered undergraduate and graduate programs. The programs test students to crave their skills, perfect their art, and business of storytelling. Students have the chance to work face-to-face and build relationships with faculty members and other filmmakers. These individuals have the compassion to share their knowledge by teaching the art of storytelling. The following are experts and/or professionals in the industry, such as Tim Long, Vickey Meyer, Chip Chalmers, Victor Nunez, Valerie Scoon, Richard Portman, Reb Braddock, and Rexford Metz.

FSU College of Motion Picture Arts has won several Student Oscar Awards. The Student Oscar Awards derived from the Academy of Motion Picture and was selected as a regional finalist sixteen times. In 2003, FSU was placed four times and a few students have received awards in festivals and the chance to be qualified as a non-student Oscar due to their student titles. FSU is near some of the largest studio facilities that is devoted to motion picture education. Students have the advantage to work hands-on, utilize professional-grade equipment and facilities, project-centered curriculum, which include mixing theatres, sound stages, grip and camera trucks, post production studios, and RED cameras.

FSU is one of a kind school worldwide because it is the only motion picture college that pays the production costs for all students' motion picture. The university provides scholarships, tuition costs, assistantships to all students despite their financial circumstances. FSU is known to have the lowest cost among other universities around worldwide. The college career-centered curriculum goal is to enhance graduates experiences in the industry. FSU also provides students a mentor who is willing to plan with faculty and staff to develop career strategies for students as they progress through the program. This opportunity gives most graduates significant work in television and motion picture within the same year upon graduation.

FSU College of Motion Picture has won several awards from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation. The university has earned a total of 30 Emmy's for their accomplishments and success. FSU was the first school of ancient time to be place as First, Second, and Third in the comedy group in 2003. During 2004, the university set record by becoming the first school to win five student Emmy's within one year.  

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