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Georgia State University focuses on implementing different globalization throughout the university.

The university goal is to become a model around the world for undergraduate education by displaying to students from all cultures, races, and backgrounds can accomplish academic and career goals exceedingly.

GSU would like to continue to grow and expand the graduate and professional programs that promise development of the future students of leaders and researchers.

The university has become a leading research university to the public which deal with complicated issues of the 21st century.

Georgia State University concentrates on setting a tone by being a leader in the issues of cities and creating solutions to help others understand complex situations.

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GSU provide students the ability to major in journalism, film and media studies, theater, media production, public relations, rhetoric and speech communication, and international communication.

Students learn the necessary skills and knowledge from experience and passionate faculty.

Georgia State University, provide students the ability to major in film, media studies and theater

These individuals have received Emmy and Sundance Awards through their media making achievements and scholars.

Art laboratories and production facilities helped make those projects come to light.

The Digital Arts Entertainment Laboratory is known to be one of the region's top centers for media production at GSU.

The Digital Arts Entertainment department organizes and executes important programs in film production and theatre.

The university is located in downtown Atlanta and many students that have graduated and majored in the communication programs from GSU are occupying career positions, such as film/TV, theater, corporate communication, news industries, and public relations.

George State University Film Students

These graduates have been recognized for their performance and skills in their career.

GSU is near well known communication centers, such as Georgia Public Broadcasting, Clear Channel, Cox Enterprises, CNN Turner, TV news, PR firms, production companies, and radio outlets.

Many companies offer students internships and opportunities for career advancement and networking.

Some of the companies are CNN, Atlanta Press Club, and Atlanta Film Festival.

George State University Film Student

Other areas of the faculty concentrates on the dynamics of the entertainment business, information industries and the potential that improve systems of communication and the way it may play a key role in developing a more safe world.

GSU programs in communication help assist in diversifying the media business and has a significant part in accomplishing this goal.

The university is known as one of the nation's top producer of communication professionals of color.

Professionals in film production and/or theater produce films, whether it's narrative fiction, experimental, or documentary.

The films have been displayed to massive people through creative theatrical productions and have been placed in film festivals.  

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Georgia State University

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