James Cameron Salary

James Cameron with a hand snap shot and wearing a black jacket and blue shirt

James Cameron Salary? According to Forbes, James Cameron had the highest grossing film seen in the film industry.

James Cameron directed, co-produced, co-edited, and written the movie "Avatar" grossed $2.7 billion dollars at the box office.

Avatar's man and woman together

Cameron reputation is notorious in the film industry.

He is expected to earn huge income for his future films.

Cameron is currently working on two sequels to the film "Avatar", which is schedule for 2014 to 2015.

James Cameron wearing a black jacket and blue shirt

He expressed that he is committed to making an Avatar 2, 3, and maybe 4.

He is known as a Canadian film director, screenwriter, film producer, inventor, and editor.

Cameron has created a spark and interest that other film directors have yet to accomplish.

He has modified how people perceive and think about films. 

Cameron has established a name for himself in Hollywood and has a respectable reputation.

In the near future, it is expected for all blockbusters will release in 3-D.D. 

"Terminator was his first success, which later leads to more great movies to come.

The movie "Terminator" grossed over $78 million worldwide.

Cameron also directed the movie "Titanic" which grossed $1.8 billion at the box offices worldwide.

The "Titanic" and "Terminator" were classic movies that people will definitely remember.

These movies are some of the most breath taking movies of all time.

"Avatar" is the first movie in history to gross over $2 billion with "Titanic" trailing slightly behind.

Avatar yellow eye. One yellow eye with dots on the nose and right under the eye

Do you enjoy watching James Cameron movies?

Would you give the "Terminator", "Titanic", and "Avatar" a high rating?

What did you like about these movies?

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a white shirt and Kate Winslet wearing a black jacket in the water

Now, ask yourself what did you not like about the movies?

If you could implement one ideal into the movie what would it be? 

Did Cameron movies have enough visual effects, action, and thrill? 

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James Cameron Salary

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