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Lars Von Trier Cover of Melancholia

Lars Von Trier is not an American film director instead he is a Danish film director. He is a screenwriter and began making films at an early age.

Trier is known to have a depressive disorder which he suffers from phobias that contain fear of flying.

In an interview he explained that he's afraid of everything besides filmmaking. In 1977, Trier came out with "The Orchid Gardener".

In 1984, "The Element of Crime" was his first feature film.

Lars has received many nomination, awards, and prizes. such as Prix du Jury, Cannes Film Festival, Grand Prix, and Palme d'Or.

In 1979, he attended the National Film School of Denmark. Trier colleagues and friends gave him the nickname "von Trier".

Lar Von Trier Behind the Scenes holding camera

Trier created and developed a few films called "The Last Detail" and "Nocturne".

The Munich International Festival of Film Schools gave Trier Best Film Awards for both of his films. 

Trier made a 57 minute film known as "Images of Liberation" in 1983.

"Images of Liberation" received a theatrical release which was the first in history of the Danish School.

Lars Von Trier, "Breaking the Waves", "Manderlay","Dogville", "The Boss of It All"

In 1984, Cannes Film Festival awarded Trier with a Technical Grand Prize for the film "The Element of Crime".

"The Element of Crime" started after Trier graduated from film school.

Cannes displayed "Epidemic" in the Un- Certain Regard area in 1987. 

In 1988, the show "Medea" was created and Trier went on to win a Jean d'Arcy prize for his works.

Carl Th. Dreyer developed a screenplay which later turn into "Madea".

In 1991, Trier came out with a film called "Zentropa" that was known in the U.S., but "Europa" was known in Europe.

Cannes Film Festival awarded Trier with a Prix du Jury in 1991. In 1996, he won the Grand Prix from the movie "Breaking the Waves". 

Lars Von Trier Cover of the Bachelorette

Trier has influence many filmmakers worldwide and he has developed a curiosity in Danish films.

In 2003, Trier directed the following films, "Manderlay" and "Dogville".

The films contain actors that come from the U.K.

In 2006, von Trier came out with a comedy film called "The Boss of It All" which consists of the director picking out the shots, then permitting a computer to decide on the zoom, pan, and tilt.

The set up of the film let the computer to act as the director and was programmed to fulfill those directing duties. In 2013, Trier created and developed the "Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 and Volume 2".

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Lars Von Trier

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