List of 2007 Action Films

List of 2007 Action Films Live Free or Die Hard Cover
List of 2007 Action Films Bourne Ultimatum Cover
List of 2007 Action Films Hot Fuzz Cover
List of 2007 Action Film 300 woman leading warriors
List of 2007 Action Films

List of 2007 Action Films, movies take the imagination of people to a whole new level

List of 2007 action films? Action movies have always been a favorite category of people over the years. Such movies take the imagination of people to a whole new level, and leave them stunned by the amazing action scenes. If there is some category of films which influence the children and adults equally, it is action. Following is a list of action movies of 2007.

1. Live free or Die hard. Being the fourth sequel of the movie ‘Die Hard’, this movie is filled with utmost action and suspense. McClean is given the responsibility by FBI of arresting a malicious computer hacker. The movie shows how he uses his skills to track down this genius hacker. It is an amazing movie to watch.

2. The Bourne Ultimatum. It is a very exciting movie with a mixture of suspense and action. This movie shows how a guy struggles to find his real identity, but faces confrontation from the CIA, who want to kill him for some reason.

3. 300. A historical movie in which the king of Sparta gathers an army of 300 men in order to fight a much massive army of Persians. It is a perfect example of maintaining courage and hope till the last moment. An amazing and legendary movie.

4. Wild Hogs. This movie is a treat for bike lovers. It shows how a group of four middle-aged men strive to get their stolen bike back from a famous bike gang. It is an average movie to watch for passing time.

 5. Hot Fuzz. Watch this movie to see the finest cop of London solve an amazing mystery of the death of some people. It is a good movie filled with a lot of action scenes. We get to see some amazing action in it.

6. Spider-man 3. The much awaited 3rd amazing movie of spider-man. Like its previous movies, spider-man 3 also makes use of Spiderman’s action and skills to save the world once again, this time from a bigger threat. This movie is a delight for children to watch.

 7. 3:10 to Yuma. A good action movie. It shows the events that occur when a rancher tries to rescue a criminal in return for cash.

8. Shooter. A good movie about a retired military officer, who got deceived by his fellow officers on a mission. The movie shows how he takes revenge from these corrupt people.

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List of 2007 Action Films

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