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Southwestern College, is the largest film school in Winfield, Kansas and hold the most students 

Southwestern College is the largest film school in Winfield, Kansas; therefore the university holds the most students in this city in particular. The university is a small, 4 year, and private liberal arts college. SC provides students with associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. The university is established in a rural area, but in a large town that is a residential campus. SC was developed in 1885 by Kansas Methodists and has correlated with the Kansas West Conference of the United Methodist Church.

In 2010, the statistics show that there were no students that actually graduated from SC nor did they obtain any other credentials in the film studies. SC has a population of 12,206 and a student population of 1,810 which is significantly lower than the total population. There are 1,810 film students that attend the film programs at SC. The average cost of tuition at a film school in Winfield will be approximately $19,680 annually. You can expect to spend around $600 for film material, books, and supplies every year and you may have extra expenses if you decide to live on campus which could cost $5,880 a year.

Southwestern College has more female than male applicants that are accepted yearly. The university has 89% of applicants that are accepted from around the world. SC offers students several majors and degrees to choose from, such as Film/Cinema Studies, Digital Art, Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, Liberal Arts, Musical Theater, Technical Theater/Theater Design and Technology, Radio and Television, Communication and Media Related, Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia, Journalism, Communication, and Speech Communication and Rhetoric to name a few. SC provides students with special learning opportunities, such as teacher certification, distance learning opportunities, and weekend/evening college. Career services are available to students who are close to completion of program. 

SC help students for graduate studies and future careers by providing courses that promotes critical thinking and valuable communication which conveyed through professor-student interaction. SC support technologies and interventions that later enhance learning. The university also gives students the opportunity of preparation for several areas of church-related vocations and contributions. SC offer students a valuable learning and know-how experience that focuses on areas, such as spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth. The university is a place where they make an effort to do what they say and say what they mean. Therefore, SC is believers, advocates, and promoters because they attempt to live by and teach a prosperous lifestyle.

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