Steven Spielberg Salary

Steven Spielberg on set of War Horse walking on bridge wearing hat and black jacket
Steven Spielberg directing War horse wearing hat and black jacket
Spielberg with hands in camera motion and wearing blue hat

Steven Spielberg Salary? Spielberg career in film jump started when he got his first professional TV job as a director for the episode of "Night Gallery". Spielberg got the opportunity to present a feature-length assignment, which the episode was called "The Name of the Game" called "L.A.2017". Later Spielberg amazing work paid off by getting an offer by the Universal to do four TV films. He did some work on "Counselor at Law", "Columbo", "Dual", and "Something Evil". Spielberg directed a full-length feature film "The Sugarland Express".

"Close Encounters" was a film which Spielberg wrote and directed. This film was a success at the box office, which in return giving Spielberg the title as Best Director nomination from the Academy. It was also recognized for six other Academy Awards nominations. "Close Encounters" has won Oscars in two different categories, which are Sound Effects Editing and Cinematography.

"Jaws" was a huge hit while winning three Academy Awards and grossing over $470 million at the box offices worldwide. The movie "Jaws" made Spielberg the youngest multi-millionaires of all time. It was also nominated for Best Picture which led to Spielberg's collaborations with Richard Dreyfuss. The film "1941" grossed more than $92.4 million worldwide, but from critics perspective it was dissatisfaction. "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" became the number one grossing film of around the world, which was nominated for nine Academy Awards with Best Picture and Best Director. 

"Hook" grossed over $300 million worldwide. "Jurassic Park" later became the highest grossing film of all time at all box offices around the world. "Jurassic Park" grossed $914.7 million, which was Spielberg's third film that was among the highest at box offices. In 1997, "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" grossed over $618 million around the world, which was the second largest hit of the year. "Saving Private Ryan" grossed more than $481 million worldwide and became the biggest hit of the year at North American box office. "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" grossed $236 million, "Minority Report" grossed more than $358 million, and "War of the Worlds which grossed more than $591 million worldwide.

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Steven Spielberg Salary

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