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Theater Acting Schools The Juilliard School Drama Division Dance
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Theater Acting Schools The Juilliard School Drama Division
Theater Acting Schools California Institute of Arts

Theater Acting Schools, can train its students in different aspects of theatre and develop their skill

This article gives information regarding some theater acting schools. With the increase in the number of theaters all over the world and an increase in its popularity, there is a need for more actors and actresses. This has raised the need for theatre schools which could train its students in different aspects of theatre and develop their skill. Following are some of the theatre acting schools.

1. The Juilliard School, Drama Division

This is one of the best acting schools in US. Its good location makes it a very accessible university as well. The work load on students is very high, and the curriculum is also tough. However, it has only an acceptance rate of 2%, which is much less than others. Its annual tuition fee is around $46,000 a year.

2. American Conservatory Theatre  

This school is open to students from different age groups, starting from the age of 8. It is one of the top theatre schools in US. The acceptance rate for this school is very low; usually only 12 graduates are admitted each year. Its curriculum offers great diversity and has many subjects available. Its tuition fee is approximately $20,000 a year.

3. California Institute of Arts

It is a private institute located in California. It is a good theatre school which has produced one of the top stars. The annual tuition fee is very high, around $38,000.

4. Boston University School of Theatre

The University stresses the importance of academics as equally as skills. It promotes a culture of creativity and innovation. Its acceptance rate is around 14%, whereas the annual tuition fee is around $50,000.

5. Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

This is one of the finest drama schools is US. It comprises of a tough curriculum for the students, and has an acceptance rate of less than 5%. The tuition fee for the University is around $50,000 a year.

6. New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

It has a wide variety of courses available for its students, with theatre being one of the most prominent. It also has different types of studios available for the students. The annual tuition fee for the university is, however, as high as $60,000. The acceptance rate is approximately 27%, which is higher than some others.

7. Yale School of Drama

This is one of the schools that solely cater theatre lessons. It currently offers degree in acting, design, directing and other theater production disciplines. It has been ranked quite high.

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Theater Acting Schools

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