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New York University Tisch School of the Arts sign in purple with red and white letters
Producer Steve Tisch speaks onstage at NYUs Tisch School of The Art
Tisch School of The Arts Students
New York University Tisch School of the Arts logo in black and white

Tisch School of Arts? Tisch School of Arts gives students the opportunity to explore several amazing areas of film, such as documentary, animation, writing and experimental. Animation at film and TV contains both 2D and 3D animation courses at all levels. It also consist of digital effects, history, storyboarding, titles, life drawing and criticism classes. Tish offer students the documentary element of film, therefore teaching students how to create short documentary projects. In a documentary project, there are individuals who play as the characters and reality is the plot. 

The University is also known to provide students with the experimental filmmaking, which is Experimental Production Workshop that promotes students to try out media content, style, structure, and unconventional narrative format. The Undergraduate Film and Television program and the Graduate Film program is compiled to make up the Department of Film and Television. The school educates students in technology of film, sound production, animation, craft, art and many more. The program(s) offer students hands-on production to deliver a memorable and practical experience. The Graduate Film Program, provide students with a three-year training program in art of cinematic storytelling, which is located in New York and Singapore.

The school was established to provide training in theatre and film from a research perspective. The university has set up the school as one of the top leading artistic centers of all time while continuing to offer several departments, such as cinema studies, dance, and theatre design. In 1974, Tisch School of Arts has one of the largest undergraduate drama departments which consist of 1400 students. The school is known to produce more than 100 shows in the program that contains directing projects, studio projects, main stage shows, and student-run black box productions. Upon completing graduation, students have the skills to establish opportunities in the film industry.

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Tisch School of Arts

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