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University of California was established in 1919 and is located in Westwood of Los Angeles, California. It provides students with the opportunity to choose from 337 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, which enrolls 29,000 undergrad and 13,000 grad students. UCLA has the highest enrollment in California and among other schools within the state. The University had more than 100,000 applications in the fall of 2013 and is the only school in the world that potential students apply to the most frequently. 

UCLA is ranked as one of the most prestigious entertainment and performing arts institutions worldwide. The university provides students with live performance, television, digital arts, and film. The undergraduate program entails directing, writing, acting, producing, animation, lighting design, set design, cinematography, costume design, Moving Image Archive Studies. UCLA also provide students with PhDs in Theater and Performance Studies and Cinema & Media Studies.

UCLA has been in the loop for many years and brought filming to the university. In 1985, the majority of the film "Gotcha"  was shot at UCLA. Other movies such as, "The Nutty Professor", "Bring It On Again" "American Pie 2", "Legally Blonde" and many more has been mostly shot on the locale or campus. UCLA is in the right spot because it's where all of the action is located. Most movie companies, commercial companies, TV production companies, and many more perceives the university as suitable and convenient.

In 2009, "My Name is Khan" and series of "Greek" was shot at UCLA. The University implemented a policy on filming and professional photography that is located on the campus. In the making of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", this was a fictional UC Sunnydale. Some of the shots from the show were shot at UCLA.

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