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University of Southern California is known for being one of the world's most popular research universities and located in Los Angeles, California. USC offer students technology, international trade, and a global center of arts. The university statistics show that they have a greater enrollment for international students than any other U.S. university. USC also offer students study abroad and broader internship possibilities. The university promotes students to cross academic and geographic boundaries in the process of expanding their knowledge.

In 1871, Judge Robert Maclay Widney and other individual collaborated to pursue the concept of creating an institution of higher education. In 1879, Judge Widney establishes a board of trustees and gain 308 lots of land from several community leaders. People all around the city of Los Angeles were coming together to establish a historical monument. These leaders have created a new beginning for many students around the world.

In 1880, USC began welcoming students and hiring the university first teachers. The university hired 10 teachers and accepted 53 students. Now today, the USC has over 38,000 students and about 3,500 staff members. In 1880, the city of Los Angeles was in need of lights, telephones and fire alarm systems, to name a few. In 1884, the university held its first commencement, with a graduating class of three people.

The famous African-American political leader, author, and educator Booker T. Washington visits the USC campus in 1914. In 2010, USC's Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts was established and was the first and only digital filmmaking training facility in the country. According, to the U.S. News & World Report, in 2010, it ranks the USC number 23 in the U.S. The USC is steadily expanding and receiving funds from other sources to expand on goals for students in the future.

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