Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog Behind the Scenes of Bad Lieutenant

Werner Herzog is a one of the most influential directors of the New German Cinema.

People know him around the world as a German film director, actor, opera director, screenwriter, and producer.

Herzog's made films that feature characters with unrealistic dreams, special talents, or different from the world.

He did the usual in some of his films which was the opposite from what most directors do.

Werner Herzog Cover of Bad Lieutenant

Herzog, took people in the local location of his shooting rather than hiring celebrity actors and actresses.

He used locals mostly in his documentary films because he wanted to deliver "ecstatic truth". 

Herzog took the footage of the individuals who were not actors just acting normal and role playing.

Werner Herzog films have won several awards and been nominated for them.

Herzog received his most significant award which was the Silver Bear Extraordinary Prize of the Jury.

"Signs of Life" was his first feature film that was created and developed. In 1979, Herzog was nominated for Golden Bear.

In 1982 at the Cannes Film Festival, Herzog's won award for best director in the film Fitzcarraldo.

In 1975, Herzog won The Special Jury Prize or the Silver Palm at the Cannes Festiveal for the movie "The Enignma of Kaspar Hauser".

Werner Herzog,"Where the Green Ants Dream", "Signs of Life", The Enignma of Kaspar Hauser"

Herzog was nominated for several other films that he directed which were "Where the Green Ants Dream" and "Woyzeck" for the Golden Palm.

He attain the 2006 Film Society Directing Award at the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival.

The San Francisco International Film Festival has displayed many of Herzog films to the public.

Those films are the "The Wild Blue Yonder"(2006), "Bells from the Deep"(1993), "Lessons of Darkness"(1993) and " Wodaabe-Herdsmen fo the Sun".

Werner Herzog film in bad lieutenant with woman blowing fire from mouth

In 2007, Herzog's received a Golden Thumb Award for showing up at the Ebertfest located in Illinois.

In 2005, Herzog won an Alfred P.Sloan Prize for his work as a director for the film "Grizzly Man". He won the award at the Sundance Film Festival.

In 2008, Herzog received an award for Best Documentary on the film "Encounters at the End of the World which was held at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Werner Herzog Aguirre Wrath of God film men wearing shield and armor

Herzog's received his first nomination for an Academy Award for his Documentary Feature.

At the Venice Film Festival is known to be the only director who have position two films in a competition within twelve months.

He has enter other films into competition such as "My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?" and "The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. 

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Werner Herzog

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