Arizona Film School

Arizona Film School Directing Behind the Scenes
Arizona Film School Student Behind the Camera
Arizona Film School Students Behind the Scenes
Arizona Film School Directing Behind the Camera

Arizona Film School, is a school that's known as The Film Connection

Arizona Film School is located in Phoenix, Arizona and is known to have other film schools across the world, such as United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The Film Connection Program is geared to each student based on their interests in the film industry. Each student has the opportunity to enroll in classes that they are interested in seeking and obtaining more knowledge and skills. The faculty allows students to bring their vision, talents, and dreams to life. The Film Connection Programs accomplish this by having every student actually put those ideas on screen. The faculty and other professionals work together to assist students with the creative process, such as the Dream Mentor, Technical Mentor, Hollywood Screenwriter, and a Editor.

Some individuals have the talent to develop creative filmmaking, therefore having the gift that's been instilled in them before he/she began filmmaking. Others may need more guidance in filmmaking in order to present their skills on the screen and to the public. Some students will and have struggle at perfecting their craft in the film industry. The Film Connection has created a flexible program to fit all types of individuals that have a desire to pursue film whether it's the creative, busy, experience, or inexperience student.

The Films Connection offer students with two parts of the program which is theoretical and practical elements of film. Arizona Film School provides their students with mentors that will give sound advice , placement in a production company and teach techniques to writing and directing film that shapes the student concepts. Film Connection places students within an element of a production company. The film school admires their philosophy of taking students to their film limits and perceiving whether or not the student can overcome challenges. The film industry is competitive and can get tough sometimest'herefore The Film Connection tests the strengths and resilience of each student.

The Film Connection theoretical side includes professional's help students make a decision that will work for their idea or project. The school assists students with their journey in the film business through exploration of film history. Students not only take the journey to learning more about film history but also the notorious actors, actresses, and filmmakers. After completing the program students will take their own proof of concept for their film, experience that was acquired, and a screenplay. The Film Connection believes that making connections and crafting your skills is the two most vital elements in pursuing a career in the film business.

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Arizona Film School

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