Film Director Salaries

Film Director Salaries

Film director salaries? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, movie directors in 2008 were averaging about $64,000 annually.

There are many elements that determine a movie director salary and there is no such thing as a specific starting salary for directors.

Many movie directors get their foot in the door by starting out in nonunion independent, which leads to little to pro bono earnings.

Some director's may decide to write and create their own films while making no income, rather than submitting their work to film festivals with a desire of having the opportunity to gain exposure and make more income.

Film director salaries is usually based on the budget of the film. A movie director experience plays an important element on the amount of pay they receive. 

The Directors Guild of America is where movie director's connect and join forces as one in the United States.

Directors with more aptitude can have the chance to negotiate their salary and receive a portion of the film's profits, unlike someone with less aptitude.

According to the Directors Guild of America, as of 2010, movie director salaries where around $10,000 weekly with budgets that are under $500,000. Employment status may vary according to the budget.

In 2010, movie director salaries where around $12,000 weekly with a budget of $500,000 to $1.5 million. These movie directors are guaranteed at least eight weeks of employment.

Directors earn around $16,000 weekly with a budget over $1.5 million. Movie director salaries for short film depend on whether or not they are union or nonunion.

Short films usually require a small staff and budget. The duration of short films can range from 15 to 30 minutes.

In the film industry, nonunion directors typically work on short films.

Short films gives a lower return of income than feature film, which means there is a limited budget and the movie director takes the risks of making income only when the movie makes a profit or making no income. 

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Film Director Salaries

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