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Film Directors Martin Scorsese

Film directors? So you want to become a movie director? A film/movie director is someone who directs the creation of a film.

He/she also manages a film's dramatic and artistic feature of a movie, and visualizes a mental picture of the script while managing the crew and actors to execute the idea.

The director is in control of the outcome of the movie from the beginning to the end.

In order to be a successful movie director you must pose good communication, motivation, and leadership skills. You have to be able to stay calm under stressful events.

The movie directors must also meet the shootings in a timely manner and meet deadlines. It is important to have an artistic eye to shoot film and to give explicit advice to cast and crew.

Some movie directors took different paths to become a film director. They may have started out as a screenwriter, actor or a film editor, such as Tyler Perry

Other directors have went to film school to receive knowledge and professional training to expand their skills to the next level.

Film Directors Tyler Perry Directing Daddys Little Girls

Directors who have attended film school has learned the basics of film direction and production. The basic principles are storyboard, reading scripts, preparation and understanding how to deal with actors to name a few.

There are some directors who prepare their careers in film by working in television.

Directors sometimes have to wear many hats, such as writing their own screenplays, outline a plot line and enforce the actors and actresses to follow instructions explicitly.

The movie directors has to be in charge and in control in order to execute the ideas. Future directors are empowered to seek their own creativity and ideas.

Here are some of the movie directors of Hollywood, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron.

The following are New York movie directors, such as Spike Lee, La Villa Brothers (Marco La Villa and Mauro La Villa), just to name a few. 

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 Film Directors

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