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Film Making School, Chicago filmmakers offer classes, such as DSLR and HD Camera Seminar, Sound Workshop, Final Cut Pro X, Producing, Screenwriting II, Digital Filmmaking, Developing the Documentary

Film Making School is a great way to gain the experience you are looking for and/or enhance the experience you've already obtained. Chicago filmmakers are a school for video production and film. The school suggests students with no experience and who is new to filmmaking may want to start out in the Digital Moviemaking area to get a general idea of the production development. After having a general idea then students are recommended by the school to take classes that capture their attention and curiosity. Students who have experience in filmmaking can enhance their skills by attending workshops and classes in different areas. The Film Making School at Chicago filmmakers offer classes, such as DSLR and HD Camera Seminar, Sound Workshop, Final Cut Pro X, Producing, Screenwriting II, Digital Filmmaking, Advanced Moviemaking Summer Camp for Teens, Developing the Documentary, and Digital Moviemaking Summer Camp for Youth. The DSLR and HD Camera Seminar is a seminar that provides basic knowledge of using the 


The Chicago filmmaker's help students learn about the camera attributes through independent filmmakers and professionals in the industry. The class will talk about shooting formats, diverse cameras, such as HDV, DVCPRO HD, AVCHD, DSLRs, and XDCAM HD, 2K, 4K. The Sound Workshop will discuss audio recording and how students can get a great sound through microphone techniques by using high quality flash memory audio recorders and other professional microphones. The workshop teaches recording methods, such as group musical performances, sound effects, background room-tone, interviews, recording solo, sync and non-syn dialog for video and film.  

Subjects that will also be discussed at the workshop will be sound physics, monitoring, adjustments of levels, microphone choice, booming and other creative tools that could be use through audio and/or microphone. All students will develop an audio project that requires them to utilize editing software that supports a timeline feature, multi-track. The Sound Workshop is great for individuals who are artists, film and video makers, journalists, and musicians to name a few. It is made to carry and convey production significance of audio/visual work.

The Final Cut Pro X is a product created by Apple as their digital nonlinear editing software that has been utilized by many skilled editors worldwide. Students will learn the entire process of digital editing on Final Cut Pro X which includes logging footage to mastering on a DVD. Subjects that will be discussed contain sound, aesthetics, transitions, filter usage, editing, and titling. Students do not need any prior experience to enroll in the class. 

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