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Film video school, gives individuals a life-time skill, makes them stand out of the crowd due to the excellent qualities and knowledge they gain

This article contains information regarding film video school. There are various notable institutions all over the world that teach different aspects of film and video making. Students are exposed to the procedure of making and editing videos from different angles. It not only gives them a life-time skill, but also makes them stand out of the crowd due to the excellent qualities and knowledge they gain. Following are some of the schools that offer film and video programs.

1. Yale University in New Haven, CT

Being an Ivy League University, Yale University delivers the best education and skills to its students that last for a lifetime. It has got courses for video and film making. The course consists of a 2-year program where the students are allowed to work practically. They are exposed to different scenarios and perspectives of film making. The acceptance rate of this school is very low. 

2. University of Southern California

This university also has a well-known school for film making. It provides a variety of courses and focuses on different aspects of film making. Students are allowed to opt for different specializations; for example in Television production, animation and digital arts or interactive media. Its’ annual tuition fee is very high.

3. University of California

This is one of the best 25 universities in the US. It offers graduate and undergraduate programs in film and video making. Students are made familiar with different techniques of making videos and different types of software to edit them. 

4. University of Miami

Based in Florida, this university also offers Bachelor and Master degree in Film and Video making. It offers specialization in cinematography and Film Production, film and cinema studies and photography. It has only one campus currently.

5. Syracuse University

This university has only one campus in New York. It offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degree programs to its students. There are various fields available in film and video making from which students have the liberty to choose the major of their interest. 

6. New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

It has a wide variety of courses available for its students. It also has different types of studios available for the students. The annual tuition fee for the university is, however, as high as $60000. The acceptance rate is approximately 27%, which is higher than some others.

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