List of 2006 Animated Films

list of 2006 animated films Looper Cover
list of 2006 animated films The watch Cover
list of 2006 animated films Chronicle Cover
list of 2006 animated films Chronicle
list of 2006 animated films The watch

List of 2006 animated films, the imagination transforming into a whole new world, that consist of new creatures and technology

This article contains a list of 2006 animated films. Everyone has got some kind of weird imagination, deep inside their hearts. Well, what can be better than the imagination transforming into a whole new world, with new creatures and technology? This is what the Science Fiction movies do for us. Here is a list of science fiction movies of 2012.

1. Marvel’s The Avengers. This is one of the top movies of 2012. The movie brings together marvel’s six super heroes; Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. The movies show how this form an amazing team to save the world from enemies.

2. John Carter. Based on a novel, this movie shows how a civil war vet, John Carter, finds himself held hostage by aliens on mars. While he tries to escape in order to survive, he realizes that he has got a mission standing in front of him; to save the Princess of Helium who is in desperate need.

3. Men in Black 3. Like its previous movies, Men in Black 3 is a delight for its followers. This movie develops a plot where agent J has to travel back in time to save the younger agent K from enemies. It is not as amazing as its previous movies, but still is an overall good movie to watch.

4. The watch. The movie shows how four guys discover that their neighborhood is home to aliens. The movie shows the ways in which there four try to save their neighborhood, as they have no other option left.

5. Chronicle. What happens when you got the power which you cannot control? Well, this movie develops a plot where three high-school friends end up getting supernatural power, but find hard to control it afterwards.

6. Lockout. An amazing movie, showing how a man is given the mission of saving the daughter of US president from an outer space prison.

7. Battle Ship. This movie is based on the typical story where aliens invade the earth. However, the difference is that this time the humans in their small ships have to fight the alien force and prevent them from building a power source in the ocean. Overall, it is a stunning movie to watch. 

8. Looper. What if your enemies try to kill you by sending back in time with their forces waiting for you? The movie shows how a man tries to fight these amazing forces to save him. It is a good movie with suspense along with action. 

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List of 2006 Animated Films

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