List of 2007 Family Films

list of 2007 family films Evan Almighty Cover

This article contains a list of 2007 Family films.

There is nothing in this life more important than a family. 

Family movies provide an amazing opportunity to the families to spend a quality time full of love and humor.

Following is a list of 2007 family movies.

1. Ratatouille. An amazing animated movie about a rat that is very passionate about cooking.

The movie shows how the rat eventually turns into a famous cook and fulfills his dreams.

2. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. The fifth movie of the Harry potter series, this is an amazing movie to watch with family.

The movie shows how Harry Potter solves mysteries with his friends, realizing that the power of friendship is above all. 

List of 2007 family films, provide an amazing opportunity to the families to spend a quality time full of love and humor

list of 2007 family films The Ultimate Gift Cover

3. TMNT. This movie is a delight for the famous Ninja turtle fans.

The movie show how the Super Ninja Turtles team up to fight against enemies, as they are the only option left to save the world.

4. The Game Plan.It is a fun-filled hilarious movie about a wealthy, party-loving sportsman.

The movie shows how his life turns upside down when he realizes that he has a daughter from his previous wife, of which he never knew.

Stuck in between the daughter and an amazing championship, the guy discovers the power of love in his life. It is an amazing movie.

5. Bee Movie. It is a hilarious, fun-filled and adventurous animated movie about bees.

The movie shows how a bee starts a mission to sue the human race for stealing their honey for centuries.

It is a very good movie indeed.

list of 2007 family films Evan Almighty

6. Evan Almighty. A sequel to the movie Bruce Almighty, this movie revolved around the story of Evan who builds and ark to prevent a flood.

It is an average movie to watch.

7. Meet the Robinsons. The animated movie features an orphan child who wants to get a family.

Finally, his wish comes true when he travels the future to meet the Robinson family, and to carry out many adventures with them. 

list of 2007 family films The Game Plan

8. The Ultimate Gift. It is an amazing, emotional movie revolving around the life of a young guy and his grandfather.

The movie shows how this grandfather, after his death, left a quest for this guy to solve after which he will get all his money.

The movie shows how this quest lead to the guy becoming a good human being and realizing the importance of things other than money in his life.

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List of 2007 Family Films

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