List of 2008 Animated Films

list of 2008 animated filmsTheTale of Despereaux Cover

This article contains a list of 2008 animated films. Animated movies have got a tendency to take its viewers into new worlds and universes.

They can make everything possible and play with the imagination of people.

If you want a spice of such adventures and stories in your life, you must watch animated movies.

Following is the list of animated movies of 2008.

1. WALL-E. Set up in the year 2700, the animated movie shows the adventurous journey of a robot.

The movie shows how the robot discovers his feelings and starts on a mission to make his dream come true. It is an amazing movie which everyone must watch.

list of 2008 animated films The Tale of Despereaux

2. Bolt. This movie is based on the life of a dog “Bolt”. The movie shows how Bolt strives to go back to his hometown.

However, on his way he realizes certain things which make him a true hero.

List of 2008 animated films, have a tendency to take its viewers into new worlds and universes

3. Kung Fu Panda. It is an adventurous movie about Po who wants to become the master of Kung Fu.

The movie shows how Po fulfills his dream and turns out to be a real hero. It is a good movie.

4. Madagascar: Escape to Africa. After a great adventure on the island of Madagascar, the movie shows how the zoo animals go on another fun filled journey to Africa.

Like its previous part, this movie is a delight.

5. The Tale of Despereaux. The movie features a mouse, a rat and a girl whose lives are interconnected.

The movie shows how these funny creatures turn out to be real heroes. It is an average movie to watch.

list of 2008 animated films Bolt

6. Igor. A scientific movie about a lab assistant who dreams to become a great scientist.

His love for science and his utmost dedication makes him capable for winning the award for the best scientist.

It is also an average movie to watch.

list of 2008 animated films Bolt Cover

7. Space Chimps. It is a hilarious movie featuring two chimps form NASA.

The movie shows how these chips are sent to out space on a mission where they encounter many problems.

However, you would be delighted at their way of solving problems.

8. Fly Me to the Moon. Watch this hilarious movie to see how three insects are sent on Moon only to become the first ones to go there.

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List of 2008 Animated Films 

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