List of 2008 Comedy Films

list of 2008 comedy films What happens in Vegas Cover

This article contains a list of 2008 comedy films. In this busy world, people often find reasons to smile.

To let off all the problems and worries and to spend some quality time smiling and laughing is what many people long for.

Comedy movies provide an amazing opportunity to people to smile with an open heart.

Following is a list of comedy films of the year 2008.

list of 2008 comedy films Definitely Maybe

1. Marley and Me. It is a humorous family movie with a flavor of romance in it.

The movie shows how a couple adopts a dog, Marley, who becomes a favorite. Soon the dog becomes an integral part of their lives.

2. High School Musical 3: Senior Year. This is the third movie of its series. 

It is an overall good movie showing how a bunch of students spend their exciting senior year at college.

List of 2008 comedy films, provide an amazing opportunity for people to smile with an open heart

3. Definitely, Maybe. This movie revolves around the life of a guy who is in the middle of a divorce.

The movie shows how this guy’s daughter seems interested in her dad’s life before marriage.

Are you interested as well? Then see this movie to find out the story.

4. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. The movie shows how a person carries out a fake drama of his death.

His mission stands to emerge as a hair stylist in New York with a new identity. It is a good movie that will give you loads of laughter.

list of 2008 comedy films Step Brothers

5. Step Brothers. The movie is based on the life of two step-brothers and the relationship between them. It is an amazing movie with a full doze of laughter.

6. Pineapple Express. This movie has an element of crime together with comedy and action. It shows how some pot-smoking guys get involved in a drug gang. It is another amazing movie.

list of 2008 comedy films Definitely Maybe Cover

7. What happens in Vegas. This movie is set in the ‘fun’ city of Vegas. The movie shows how two strangers get married while they were drunk.

Watch this movie to see how this marriage treats them from now on. It is an average movie to watch but will surely make you laugh.

8. Semi-Pro. This is a movie about sports and motivation with a touch of comedy in it. It is an overall good movie. 

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List of 2008 Comedy Films

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