List of 2009 Action Films

list of 2009 action films Taken Cover
list of 2009 action films Pandorum Cover
list of 2009 action films Dragonball Evolution Cover
list of 2009 action films Taken

List of 2009 action films, took the viewers into a new world of dangers and adventures

This article contains a list of 2009 action films. There were a lot of amazing movies released in 2011 which grabbed the top position. Out of all those movies, many were action movies that took the viewers into a new world of dangers and adventures. Following is a list of some of the movies of 2009.

1. 9. This animated movie revolves around the life of a community of rag dolls in another world. The movie shows how they get together to help them survive in these difficult conditions. It is a good movie.

2. Taken. The movie shows how a man goes on an amazing adventure to get his daughter back when she is kidnapped by a gang. With his infinite love for his daughter, the man tends to cross every limit to get her back. It is a fantabulous movie filled with action.

3. Pandorum. This movie shows how two people find themselves in outer space, without any knowledge or memory. However, soon they realize that they are not alone and being monitored by an unknown force.

4. Terminator Salvation. This is another amazing movie of the terminator series. Set in the year 2018, it thrills the viewers with top-class action and amazing mystery incorporated into a single film. It is a great movie.

5. Sherlock Holmes. Finally, the movie of the famous detective “Sherlock Holmes” is here. It shows how Sherlock tries to solve an amazing mystery in a super-amazing way. It is another great movie.

6. Fast & Furious. This is the fourth movie of this series. Watch this movie to be a part of another amazing mission of the best drivers of the world. It is an amazing movies especially for racing lovers.

7. Dragonball Evolution. The movie revolves around the life of an alien hero sent on Earth, Goku. The movie shows how Goku fights other aliens to protect the Earth and diminish its enemies. It is an average movie.

8. X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This is another movie of the X-men series. The movie focuses on the life of the mutated superhero Wolverine. It is a good movie, but its other parts were better.

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List of 2009 Action Films

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