List of 2009 Films

list of 2009 films Case 39
list of 2009 films Jennifers Body
list of 2009 films Hes just not that in to you
list of 2009 films Old Dogs

List of 2009 films, these movies were in all genres, including romance, comedy, drama, adventure and much more

This article contains a list of 2009 films. There had been a lot of movies released in this year. However, some of them grabbed the attention of its viewers instantly and left a deep mark on their minds. The movies were in all genres, including romance, comedy, drama, adventure and much more. Following are some of the movies of 2009.

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Fifth movie in the Harry Potter series, this movie turned out to be equally amazing. As the reign and terror of Voldermort starts on growing, Harry must be prepared for a deadly war against him. 

2. Up. It is a fantabulous animated movie by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie shows how a 78 year old man, who had always wished to go on an adventure throughout his life, starts off an amazing journey with an 8 year old. The movie stands to be an amazing mixture of adventure, comedy, fantasy and drama.

3. Old Dogs. Who says handling kids is easy? Well, watch this movie to see how tow best friends are given the responsibility of two twin kids while in the middle of the biggest business deal of their lives. It is a hilarious movie showing how they sort things out.

4. Case 39. Top of the list, this movie is based on the idea of a little girl who is tried to be murdered by her parents.  A detective is hired to investigate the case. However, after a series of unusual events, the detective gets to know that the girl is actually a demon who tries to kill people. 

5. Saw IV. Whenever it comes to horror movies, ‘Saw’ has always been one of the few names that pop up instantly in the minds of people. Like the previous movies, this sequel to Saw also makes use of an amazing combination of horror and suspense.

6. Jennifer's Body.  This is a good movie for teenagers. It shows how a girl tries to unleash the reason behind her best friends’ ‘wild’ behavior in order to save her life. It is an average movie to watch.

7. 17 Again. Ever though what would be it like to be 17 again in your life? Well watch this amazing movie to know how it feels and what really happens.

8. He’s just not that into you. This is a romantic movie with a touch of drama and comedy. The movie revolves around the life of some couples and peeks into their romantic lives and their problems. It is a good movie.

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List of 2009 Films

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