List of 2011 Animated Films

list of 2011 animated films Rango

This article contains a list of 2011 animated films.

Animated movies have got the power to play with our imagination and take it to a whole new world.

It creates new worlds, places, ideas and characters and makes everything possible.

Everyone must see these amazing animated movies to know how thoughts transform into reality.

list of 2011 animated films Rango Cover

Following is a list of the animated movies of 2011

1. The Adventures of Tintin. This is an adventurous movie based on the adventures of Tintin.

The movie shows how Tintin and his friends go on an adventure to find treasure and defeat the enemies. It is an amazing movie.

2. Kung Fu Panda 2. This is the second movie of this series. It takes the viewers on another adventurous mission where Po has to fight his enemies.

However, this time the strength Po needs lies in the hidden truths of its past. It is another great movie.

List of 2011 animated films, it creates new worlds, places, ideas and characters which makes everything possible

3. Mars needs moms. It is an adventurous movie based on science fiction.

The movie shows how a guy sets off to get her mom back when inhabitants of Mars suddenly kidnap her for their own good. It is an average movie to watch

4. Puss in Boots. The movie is based on the bold cat Puss.

The movie shows Puss teams up with Humpty Dumpty and Kitty to steal the famous goose that lay golden eggs.

5. The Muppets. This is a hilarious movie. The movie shows how some Muppet-fans reunite all the Muppets.

Their purpose stands to carry out the best theatre show every with these amazing and fantastic Muppets. It is a good movie. 

6. Rango. This movie features a coward pet-lizard as Rango.

The movie shows how this coward lizard rediscovers the strengths and power hidden in him when he has the mission to save a land.

list of 2011 animated films Mars needs moms

Watch the movie to see how Rango turns into a famous hero which he never thought of. It is also a good movie.

7. The Smurfs. The Smurfs are thrown out of their village by an evil wizard and land in the city of New York.

However, they must find a way to get back to their homeland and fight this evil terror on their lives.

8. Happy Feet Two.This is the second movie of this series where the ‘dancing’ bird goes on a courageous mission to stabilize its world. It is an average movie.

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List of 2011 Animated Films 

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