List of 2011 Fantasy Films

list of 2011 fantasy films Drive Angry Cover
list of 2011 fantasy films Drive Angry
ist of 2011 fantasy films Thor

List of 2011 fantasy films, take its viewers into a whole new world and flood their minds with adventures and thrills which give them an amazing experience

This article contains a list of 2011 Fantasy films. Fantasies reside in the minds of everyone as every person has his own imagination. Fantasy movies take its viewers into a whole new world and flood their minds with adventures and thrills which give them an amazing experience. Following is a list of 2011 fantasy movies.  

1. Thor. An amazing movie by Marvel about a superhero, Thor. The movie shows how Thor is thrown out from his planet and how he learns to live on the Earth. It is an amazing, action-adventure movie showing how Thor makes use of his Power and courage to fight fatal enemies and save the planet Earth. Like all other Marvel’s movies, Thor is a delight.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides. This movie is the fourth one in its series. Like its previous movies in the series, this movie also takes its viewers to an amazing, adventurous and thrilling adventure never seen before. It is an amazing movie to watch.

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow – Part 2. Being the final movie in the Harry Potter series, this movie unleashes the deepest secrets and astonishing facts hidden in the walls of Hogwarts. Watch this movie to see how Harry defeats Voldermort by passing through death! It is a fantabulous movie.

4. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part I. It is the second last movie in the Twilight series. The movie shows how Bella and Edward marry eventually. However, soon they have to face a lot of challenges and problems. This movie of Twilight turned out to be much better than its previous parts.

5. Red Riding hood. What happens when you discover that the person you love might be the wolf killing the people of you town? Well, see this mysterious movie to find out.

6. Drive Angry. With only three days to carry out a hefty mission, a guy teams up with a waitress to avenge the death of his daughter, release his little baby captured by a person and meanwhile try to survive in the midst of this fatal mission. It is an average movie to watch.

7. Priest. This movie is an amalgamation of action, fantasy and science fiction. The movie develops a plot in which a priest goes on a journey to save his niece from the deadly vampires of his time.

8. The Smurfs. The movie shows how some Smurfs strive hard to get back to their village before the evil wizard catches them.

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List of 2011 Fantasy Films

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