List of 2011 Thriller Films

list of 2011 thriller films Source code Cover
list of 2011 thriller films Source code
list of 2011 thriller films Unknown Cover
list of 2011 thriller films Limitless Cover

List of 2011 thriller films, which leaves the minds of people astonished and bewildered with their stories

This article contains a list of 2011 thriller films. How would there be a life without suspense, mystery and curiousness? Where it might be obvious or not, every one of us has a detective inside us, trying to unleash the secrets of the world. There are various thriller movies available which leaves the minds of people astonished and bewildered with their stories. Here is a list of thriller movies of the year 2011.

1. The girl with the Dragon tattoo. The movie shows how a journalist teams up with a girl who is a hacker in order to solve an amazing mystery. This movie is a delight for all those who love suspense and could wait till the end to see what really happens.

2. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol .Being the fourth movie of the Mission Impossible series, this movie turned out to be amazing, comprising of an amalgamation of suspense and action. Watch this movie to know how the IMF agent, Ethan Hunt, tries to save US from a master-planned terrorist attack!

3. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Whenever we talk about suspense and mystery, Sherlock Holmes always pops into our mind at the first instant. Like the first part, this second movie of Sherlock Holmes shows how Sherlock tries to solve an amazing mystery and prevent a fatal crime. It is an amazing movie.

4. Source code.This movie develops a very unique plot, where some scientists carry out an experiment on a person to unleash the secret behind a bomb attack. It is a good movie indeed.

5. Limitless. Is there a limit to everything? Well, not necessarily. This movie shows how a drug named NZT could enable the human mind to work to its full capability, and attract the attention of the whole world towards it. It is an overall good movie.

6. Unknown.Based on the concept of ‘memory loss’ in many previous movies, this movie also shows how a man loses his memory in an accident, and makes an effort to unleash the truth about his identity. It is an average movie to watch.

7. Plot summary. Watch this movie to see how a man tries to control his destiny and change his fate by going against it. 

8. I am Number 4. This movie develops a plot in which a guy travels from place to place, changing his identity, just to prevent himself from being killed by some killers. It is an average movie to watch.

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List of 2011 Thriller Films

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