List of 2012 Thriller Films

list of 2012 thriller films The Bourne Legacy
list of 2012 thriller films The Bourne Legacy
list of 2012 thriller films Sinister

List of 2012 thriller films, which leaves the minds of people astonished and bewildered with their stories

This article contains the list of 2012 Thriller films. How would there be a life without suspense, mystery and curiousness? Where it might be obvious or not, every one of us has a detective inside us, trying to unleash the secrets of the world. There are various thriller movies available which leaves the minds of people astonished and bewildered with their stories. Here is a list of thriller movies of the year 2012.

1. Savages. The movie shows how three best friends, who are actually 'peaceful' drug dealers, get united to fight against a threat. It is an average movie to watch.

2. Chronicle. What happens when you got the power which you cannot control? Well, this movie develops a plot where three high-school friends end up getting supernatural power, but find hard to control it afterwards.

3. The Bourne Legacy. The movie shows how the government orders to kill all the genetically modified killers. See this movie to see how one genetically modified killer tries to save himself under these conditions.

4. House at the End of the Street. The movie revolves around the life of a lady and her daughter. The movie shows how both of them encounter some horrifying situations when they move to a new house. Watch the movie to see how they get more entangled into this trap once they start trying to unleash the secrets.

5. Sinister. Ever thought about movies turning into reality? Well, watch this movie to see how a person watches some disturbing movies. Soon he realizes that these movies have filled his life with danger and horror. It is a stunning movie showing how he fights with these supernatural powers.

6. The Cabin in the Woods. The movie revolves around the life of 5 people who go on to spend their weekend in a mysterious cabin in the woods. The movie shows how this cabin brings loads of danger and horror in their lives.

7. Jack Reacher. The movie shows how Jack Reacher starts off a mission to unleash the truth behind violent happenings and save the others from the enemies. It is a fantastic movie filled with action and thriller.

8. The Dirk Knight Rises. This is an amazing conclusion to the Batman Series. Filled with mystery, action and thriller, this movie is just a master piece.

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List of 2012 Thriller Films 

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