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Childhood Disrupted: Introduction—Read on Simon & Schuster’s Website This book explores how the experiences of childhood shape us into the adults we become. Cutting-edge research tells us that what doesn’t kill you doesn’t necessarily make you stronger. Far more often, … Continue reading

Hi All, I wrote this for the PBS website, Next Avenue, and have recently had a number of requests to share it. So, I’ve included the essay here, and a link to the original below. I’m Not Cured, but I … Continue reading

I have a good friend, a dear, dear friend, really, who I’ll call “K.” “K” suffers from an autoimmune disease. In the past five years she’s gone from daily injections of a multiple sclerosis drug that packs difficult side effects … Continue reading

As I started my quest for The Last Best Cure, I interviewed neuroscientists and pioneers in the brain-body field in hopes of learning everything I could about how we can search for joy despite a persistent history of pain, loss … Dog Dress Gingham Bling Dog Sundress X-Small (XS)

Cgoldnet German 10mm Bit Silver Bradoon ebvnrj2383-Snaffles

It’s hard to believe that after my year-long journey exploring the newest neuroscience on how to activate the healing responses of the brain, The Last Best Cure will finally be in stores in 45 days! As pub date grows closer, … JW Playplace Butterfly Teether, Multicolor

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Resources New: Known or Suspected Autoimmune Diseases American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) American Behçets Disease Association American Vitiligo Research Foundation APS Foundation of America (Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome) Arthritis Foundation Autoimmune Information Network Celiac … Insect Lore Live Cup of 5 Caterpillars to Butterflies Butterfly Growing Kit Refill with Butterfly Life Cycle Toy Figurines Ship Now

Cgoldnet German 10mm Bit Silver Bradoon ebvnrj2383-Snaffles

“THE AUTOIMMUNE EPIDEMIC: What You Need to Know” View video clips from past lectures Donna Jackson Nakazawa investigates the reasons behind today’s alarming rise in rates of autoimmune diseases in industrialized countries around the world and lays out for audiences … Bowsers Tufted Cushion, X-Small, Chocolate Bones