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School for Scandal Film, is a British comedy film is a British comedy film written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Jean Jay

School for Scandal Film is a British comedy film which originated from the play that carried the same name. The film was written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Jean Jay. In 1930, the British comedy film was directed by Maurice Elvey and Thorold Dickinson. The film starred several actors and actresses, such as Basil Gill, Ian Fleming, Madeleine Carroll, and Henry Hewitt. Maurice Elvey had several roles in the film, because he not only helped with the directing aspect but also produced the movie.

The movie running time was a little over an hour which was 76 minutes to be exact. The film was shot in the United Kingdom and was release on September 5, 1930. The following are the cast names and roles they played in the film.


o Ian Fleming as Joseph Surface

o Henry Hewitt as Charles Surface

o Hector Abbas as Moses

o Basil Gill as Sir Peter Teazle

o Madeleine Carroll as Lady Teazle

o Dodo Watts as Maria

o Hayden Coffin as Sir Harry Bumper

o Edgar K. Bruce as Sir Oliver Surface

o Anne Grey as Lady Sneerwell

o Henry Vibart as Squire Hunter

o May Agate as Mrs.Candour

o John Charlton as Benjamin Backbite

o Maurice Braddell as Careless

o Stanley Lathbury as Crabtree

o Wallace Bosco as Rawley

o Sally Gray as Bit Part

o Gibb McLaughlin as William

o Anna Neagle as Bit Part

o Rex Harrison as Bit Part

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School for Scandal Film

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